10 most expensive nights on the world

Do you have money to throw? Ready for a night to give 65,000 thousand dollars? This is the right thing for you. List of 10 most expensive hotel nights in the world, and Here.

Expensive hotels1 10 most expensive nights on the world

What makes this apartment stand out compared to the other list is that, apart from views of beautiful Lake Geneva, windows covered with additional glass resistant to bullets, which suits the state presidents. Apartment surface covers the entire top floor of the hotel, until it is last  floor comes with a special elevator, and besides the four spacious bedrooms, he contains and even six bathrooms.
The second list, which was done in collaboration with the magazine “Velt bulletin, is” hush Loft Warner in New York hotel “Four Seasons”, where for 35,000 dollars a night you get a nine-room apartment, small garden, spa room and a large library which is the end of the piano. Of course, all overlooking the Manhattan apartment.
The third presidential suite hotel Kalla di Volpe in Costa Smeralda place in Sardinia, with one night stops 34,000 dollars. In fourth place is the apartment “Villa Dome” hotel “Skill Excelsior in Rome, which must allocate 31,000 dollars for the night. The fifth is the presidential suite in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Tokyo where the night gives $ 25,000, while the sixth place “on the Bridge Suite” hotel “Atlantis” in the Bahamas, which costs 22,000 dollars a night.

Expensive hotels2 10 most expensive nights on the world

Seventh place belongs to the “Imperial suite  Hotel Park Hyatt, Wendy” in Paris that provides $ 20,000 per night. Sometimes the most expensive apartment in the world, “Royal suite in the Hotel Bourges Al Arab in Dubai today is” only “in eighth place. Golden stairs, carpets with leopard print, and a rotating bed, worth 19,600 dollars for the night.
The Swiss city of Geneva has a “representative” in the list, and the ninth place. “Royal Almeder” apartment hotel “Ricmond” costs 18,900 dollars a night and he and the entire hotel until 2004. The was owned by the famous wealthy family Almeder.
In tenth place was the Ritz-Carlton suite “of the same hotel in Moscow. Except that one night is worth 16,500 dollars, he looks at the Red Square and Kremlin. Characterized by so-called “Panic Room” for the emergency which has its own electricity and telecommunication system.

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