The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

The famous Stonehenge in England, attracts and excites minds. However, the stone is far richer than the history of Britain and intriguing than it sounds normal man in the street

The Ancient2 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

Myeong-Al-Tol, Cornwall – a mysterious stone, which seemed to have always stands in the swamps of Penwith. According to legend, prolezshy through the hole, gets the healing of all ailments, falls into a parallel dimension.

The Ancient3 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

Avebury, Uittshir. Local farmers are accustomed to graze sheep BRADY peers Stonehenge, which date back to 2500g. BC

The Ancient4 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

Bryn Celli, Anglesey, Wales. City of Wales is rich in ancient placers stones, but we know the pagan structure is, of course, Brin Seli. On the island of Anglesey, he appeared in the Neolithic period (4000 years ago.)

The Ancient5 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

Castlerigg, Keswick, Lake District. And though these stones are inferior to their greatness Stonehenge, but now the Millennium in a row are held in religious rites and ceremonies. Volcanic rocks are one of the attractions of the country.

The Ancient6 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

Nine stones, Dartmoor. According to the tradition of silent stone fragments then 12, not 9 – and this beautiful girl, who once decided to go dancing at one of the religious places of Britain. For that they were punished ….

The Ancient7 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

Ring of Brodgar, Stromness, Orkney Islands – British response to the pyramids of Egypt. Period stone dates back to 3000 BC And although the sculptures remains only 27 out of 60, they are still majestic and graceful in his silent observation of the world.

The Ancient8 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

Rollayt Stones, Oxfordshire. According to old legend, and not stones at all, but the warlike king with his knights, who dared to encroach on the lands of others, for which they were enchanted by the ancient witches. And only at midnight, they again become people dancing Jing.

The Ancient9 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

Arbor Low, Middleton-on-Yolgriv, Derbyshire. 50 stones are silent on the plateau Arbor Low, that in a few minutes drive from Beykvella.

The Ancient10 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain

Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Famous sculptures for many centuries boggling the minds of scientists. Their purpose is still unknown: toli this seat for the alien ships, toli ancient calendar, or perhaps an ancient occult temple. Weight of individual blocks up to 30 tons, and the height can reach 21futa.

The Ancient11 The Ancient Stones Of Great Britain
Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Like a relentless rangers now 5000 years are in Scotland. According to legend, once they were living giants who dared not to accept Christianity by Saint Kieran. Now they are doomed to be here in the instruction and warning to posterity

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