Animals Book of Records

Book of Records! We all know what it is! Did you know that there are animals Book of Records? There is. Only for true lovers of animals all the interesting information in one place. Enjoy!

Fastest bird

Hawk Animals Book of Records

Hawk is the fastest bird, reaching speeds more than 322 km / h and therefore is the fastest animal on the entire Earth. This rate reaches the hunt – the first rises in height, and then the collapse of his sacrifice, which usually grab the neck. Impressive.

The fastest bird runner

ostrich Animals Book of Records

Ostrich the fastest bird runner – reaches a top speed of about 72.5 km / h, and is also the most difficult because the birds can weigh up to 160 kg. Together lives of five to 50 specimens of this animal. Can withstand long without water, but when he has often and happy bathing. For large distances can observe lions.

Fastest land animal

Cheetah Animals Book of Records

The cheetah is the fastest land animal, can reach a speed of 115 km / h, which is the speed personal car. It has expandable spinal, which enables it to make huge seven meters leaps. But quickly run only short distances and needs to rest after about 500 meters. From resting in just two seconds, achieved a speed of 72 km / h.

Fastest animal in the water

Porpoise Animals Book of Records

Porpoise is the fastest animal in water and can reach a speed of 56.5 km / h. Relative dolphin is often a small butterfly called grampus, but the main difference between these two aquatic mammals in the form of teeth and head. There are six species of Porpoise.

Smallest bird

colibri Animals Book of Records

Collibri with Cuba is the smallest bird in the world with two grams of weight. While flying, hitting the wings about 80 times per second, as the money, even 200 times per second! In addition, the Collibri at least feathers of all birds, a heart attack the fastest in the entire animal kingdom.

Smallest mammal

bat Animals Book of Records

Bat who lives in Thailand is the smallest mammal in the world – has only about two grams and length is 30-40 mm.

Loudest animals in the water

bluewhale Animals Book of Records

Blue whale is the loudest animal in the water – his voice is low frequency and reaches up to 188 decibels and can detect from a distance of 800 km! Comparison to – pneumatic hammer has a volume of about 100 decibels. Along the coast of Sri Lanka was discovered that whales sing a song that consists of four notes, and takes about two minutes. The loudest land animal is a type of monkey whose roar can be heard ‘only’ about five kilometers away.

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