The art on human body

Here are a relatively modern type of art. As the cloth is used for imaging the human body, other material is required than color, a few brushes and a lot of imagination. The only thing that is a little harder to ensure it is free linen :-) Body art is art made on, with, or consisting of, the human body. The most common forms of body art are tattoos and body piercings, but other types include scarification, branding, scalpelling, shaping, full body tattoo and body painting.
More extreme body art can involve things such as mutilation or pushing the body to its physical limits. It can even consist of the arrangement and dissection of preserved bodies in an artistic fashion, as in the case of the plastinated bodies used in the travelling Body Worlds exhibit.
Body art is also a sub-category of performance art, in which artists use or abuse their own body to make their particular statements.
In more recent times, body became a subject of much broader discussions and treatments that cannot be reduced to the body art in its common understanding. Important strategies that question the human body are: implants, body in symbiosis with the new technologies, virtual body etc. Scientific research in this area, for example that by Kevin Warwick, can be considered in this artistic vein.

Body Art1 The art on human body

Body Art2 The art on human body

Body Art3 The art on human body

Body Art4 The art on human body

Body Art5 The art on human body

Body Art6 The art on human body

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  1. Sexy Actress says:

    Those are a very sexy images of body painting. Really beautiful art. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Downloadvyp says:

    very nice .i love this art.very sensual and beautiful