The capital of the bears … Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park Park is the world’s oldest National Park based 1st March 1872nd year. Spread to the 8 987 square kilometers large area and mostly in the northwest of the State of Wyoming on Tromeda with federal states Montana and Idaho.

The park is known for its geysers, hot springs,cool volcano, and other geothermal features. Most famous geyser Old Faidful is precisely in Yellowstone National Park park.
The name comes from the name of the Park River Yellowstone National Park by the French denim yellow cliffs of Yellowstone National Park for Grand canyon called Roche Jaune, to the American jeans after the name translated to English Yellowstone National Park.

National Park Jelouston1 The capital of the bears ... Yellowstone

Approximately 96 percent of the park Yellowstone National Park is located in the State of Wyoming, 3 per cent in the State of Montana and the remaining 1 percent in the State of Idaho. Park from north to south about 102 km long and from west to east about 87 km air line. Area of 8 987 km  exceeds the size of the two states Rhode Island and Delaware combined.

National Park Jelouston2 The capital of the bears ... Yellowstone

Rivers and lakes cover about 5 percent of the park, and the largest body of water is Lake Yellowstone National Park. Lake Yellowstone National Park is 122 meters deep and its long coastline is about 177 km.
Yellowstone National Park Park is located on the plateau which is about 2 400 meters above average sea level. The highest point of the park is the Eagle Peak at 3 462 meters and the lowest is Lynx Creek to 1 610 meters above sea level. Park is surrounded by many mountains and the most prominent peak is Mount with its 3 122 m altitude.

 The capital of the bears ... Yellowstone

The park is one of the world’s largest stone  forest, which is composed of trees that were, after the distant past was buried ashes and earth, the wood turned into mineralized materials.

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Yellowstone National Park park also abounds with waterfalls, and from 4.5 to 94 m height how high the highest waterfall. The park is located two canyons Lewis canyon through which flows the river Lewis and Grand Canyon through which the river flows through Yellowstone National Park.
History of people who were connected with the park starts before about 11 000 years ago when the Indians in the area of the park began with hunting and fishing. The first whites in the area of the park were members of the research expedition Lewis and Clark and that they arrived 1805th . After that day, many expeditions have come to the park revealing all its beauty. Korneliyus Hedges, writer and lawyer from Montana who was a member of the expedition , proposed that the area put under protection as the first National Park at all, which was done, and the 1872nd Yellowstone National Park was declared a national park.

National Park Jelouston5 The capital of the bears ... Yellowstone

Full Yellowstone Park is rich in thermal phenomena. In addition, there are geysers and hot mud pools, jet sulfur vapor that emerges from the chimney fumarola and natural hot springs. All this activity comes from large bubbles molten rock that slowly mows below the earth’s thin crust and constantly threatens erupcion. A approximately 600 000 years, a series of strong eruptions hit this area and built around 2590 km  Stenak mountains and led to huge amounts of ash deposition and spray a thin layer of volcanic dust over the greater part of North America. Bark, which has lost support urušila in the empty space by creating a huge crater that covers an area of 3 100 km.

National Park Jelouston6 The capital of the bears ... Yellowstone

Later eruption of ash smaller intensity and lion are almost completely filled the crater ending river Yellowstone National Park and creating a large lake. However, due ice occurred during the three major ice ages, and even more with hot water and steam that is softened and painted in yellow stone edge of the crater, the river is slowly carved today’s Grand Canyon and descends from the lake down a multitude of magnificent waterfalls.
Evidence of ancient super-volcano eruptions are most visible on the ridge  Spesmen Ridge which is a petrified forest of trees. I now can recognize the plane tree, walnut, oak, cornel.

 The capital of the bears ... Yellowstone

In the park there are many animal species: bison, semolina, brown bear, wolf, coyote, deer, moose, short and longhorned mouflon and puma.  The relatively large number of major concern associated with bison rancher who fear that the buffalo could infect domestic cattle.  Half of the total number of buffalo has been exposed to brucellosis bacteria, which were with his cattle brought Europeans.  The disease brucellosis can significantly thin domestic catle. The buffalo rancher and fear of wolves who often attack domestic cattle and sheep.  To 1994. in the park was not because wolves are an integral destroyed and killed more than 1926th year. However, the decision of the U.S. Office of fish and wild animals as wolves 1995th was returned to Yellowstone National Park and now in the higher parts of the park has about 300 individuals.

National Park Jelouston9 The capital of the bears ... Yellowstone

Wolves after returning to the park are not considered endangered, and their type of poaching is allowed, but as there is interference with protected species of wolves that have moved and come to the park from Canada, it is almost impossible to distinguish protected from unprotected wolves.
Having been in the past, the wolf was extinct in the park, the biggest title of bishop wearing coyote. As the coyote was unable to hunt large animals that are not his natural prey, and among these animals an increase hromih and sick animals, and is thus.

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