Very, very fat cats

Something is happening in the world of cats. Whether because of this global crisis, and people influence us negatively, or they simply become depressed. Well, just because of the depression of our cats have been threw a lot of food. We are conscientious animal lovers can not resist to their luscious requirements for food and we give them, give a little attention is paid to the appearance of our favorite us pussy. These images serve us not only to us and laugh cheer but to give us a little warning that obesity and cats can get tired. Cats are very mobile and active animals. But those Men Can to stay a day, especially cats that live in the apartment are really vulnerable because they rarely and almost always have enough space and living space for research. As regards the food we all know very well that this time the fast life and fast food. And in cats is the same case, because all their food is often based on a very calorie foods whether they are the remains of our dinner or food is specifically designed for our pets. Therefore, an animal lover, and the owners of these beautiful creatures pay attention to feeding your pets, walk them more and thus they extend my life.

Fat cat1 Very, very fat cats

Fat cat2 Very, very fat cats

Fat cat3 Very, very fat cats

Fat cat4 Very, very fat cats

Fat cat5 Very, very fat cats

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