Landing on the moon or in the studio in Nevada

This theme is best to start with the declaration of a NASA man, when he was recently asked again when the Moon. His response was, ‘When you master the technology, we will be there …’. Is it a mistake made speech error  or has been honest, but this is quite strange. 40 years ago, using a stick and string in the cold cans went to the moon, and now with this technology, still waiting …
There is another interesting fact. When a reporter approached Bart Sibrel once Armstrong, this he said ‘Do not ask me anything and I you will not hit anything. ” Would Armstrong said something like this that have nothing to hide? Anyway, Neil Armstrong is now faced with mental illness. Is it a result of linking his name with the largest fraud in history, or he just started working conscience. Belief that man set foot on the Moon, or that the Apollo missions ventures were successful, so firmly rooted in our consciousness to claim that it is not true seems pretty funny to everyone. It is accepted as a kind of dogma. Nevertheless, there are many serious evidence to claim that all humanity is the victim of one of the biggest hoax directed by America, it is NASA. Journey, which is apparently down to the Moon is a perfect example of an event for which there is no evidence other than clips and photographs taken by NASA chose to display. But, as that is not expected that someone will carefully examine the material and discover that there’s something wrong. And even they knew that one day appear online and will not be able to block the information that appears techniques which can be easily proved false, and each mounted photo and video.

the biggest scam1

Here is one of the most commonly stated facts. How the flag flapping when the moon has no atmosphere? And how that in any picture don’t see stars, although the lack of atmosphere should see much better than with the Earth during cleariest heaven? Screenwriters and directors of this are not taken care.

the biggest scam2

16th Apollo Mission Fully illuminated front astronauts, which should be shaded, because he turned his back ‘Sun’. This points to a strong searchlight light, which is not mentioned and not seen in TV transmission. that light  source had to be set very high, which explains the high, unrealistic angles ’sun’ light….

the biggest scam3

Pay attention to the full brightness of the astronauts, and with the same side on which the shadow! The illuminated flag is still in front of the module, although it is completely covered on ‘Sun’.

the biggest scam4

Oldrin the famous clips from the Apollo 11 mission could not be in a bright sunlit area, and that behind him now are the dark surface. Sunlight should be evenly spread in all lunar flat surfaces. Pay attention to the shade, which provides the opposite of ‘no sun’ landscapes in the background. Obviously, they used two lights, one behind and above the high Oldrina, and another, weaker, in front of him, allowing to see its shaded side, which is in the lunar vacuum conditions totally impossible. Check the purity and radiance on his helmet, which is located on the shaded side and should be in full shade!

the biggest scam5

See a good letter C on a rock! Also, note the letter C, which is located on the ground in front of the rocks. Using the letters C and film props is well known to people in Hollywood and is used to show where to be the center scenes.

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5 Responses to “Landing on the moon or in the studio in Nevada”
  1. Stan Pike says:

    What’s really impressive is how they persuaded the Russians and the Chinese to play along with the deception. Some people will unbelieve anything.

  2. some people just have to have a conspiracy or they are not happy. the flag was starched so it could be clearly seen, otherwise it would just hang there. go to google space and you can see the space junk left behind on the surface ( or is google in on the conspiracy as well?). Do you really think that at the height of the cold war, during the space race ( where each countries technology, pride, and political system was on the line to see which nation was the best ), that the soviet union would swallow an embarrassing loss like that if it was faked by the americans? The soviet union would have done anything to prove the moon landing as fake. Not only that, but one can fire a laser to the moon and have it reflected back to earth ( which has been done to measure how fast the moon is moving away from the earth ). How can the laser be reflected back? Because the americans left a reflector on the surface of the moon. What about the moon rocks that have been brought back?

  3. KO says:

    The moon is a reflective surface, which completely disproves all your ’shadow’ theories. Besides, anyone with a telescope can find the proof for themselves. A lot of that hardware is still on the moon.

  4. Howard says:

    Those who perpetuate conspiracy theories about the moon landings are demeaning one of the rare great moments in human history. Of course Apollo 11 and theothers landed on the moon, for crying out loud! We have moon rocks, there is abandoned equipment in many different locations, there are scientific experiments that produced verifible data, the list is endless. And all these losers can offer to refute this great achievement is an embarrassing lack of basic science knowledge, a hair on an old image that looks like a “c” and variousother nonsense. You’re not fit to wipe the shoes of these great astronauts. Drag yourselves out of your parent’s basement and you’ll realise there’s a big wide world out there. One where incredibly brave men put their lives on the line to extend human knowledge

  5. Straybeat says:

    For all of you non-believers that think the moon landings never happened, just remember this. The morons who started those rumors are the same retards that you used to smack when you walked past them in the hallway at school! Next, look up the Japanese telescope pics of all the Apollo equipment from the one landing sitting on the moon. There’s all the proof you need.