Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

What are the religious holidays in different countries, sometimes even very shocking! See below

Religious Holidays1 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

1. Ashura festival symbolizes a Shiite Muslim prophet Mohammed’s grandson suffering of Imam Hussein, who was killed in battle in Karbala, Iraq, in 680 BC This is a national holiday in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon … Photo: Afghan Shiites are engaged in self-flagellation with chains and blades during Ashura, December 27, 2009.

Religious Holidays2 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

2. Good Friday symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death. Photo: Christian crucifix raised with Salvador blocked (the center) in the role of Jesus Christ during the ritual “the way of the cross” in Chicago April 2, 2010. In an annual ritual on Good Friday attended by thousands of people to walk a distance of 2,4 km in the center of the US-Mexican Pilsen community in Chicago.

Religious Holidays3 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

3. Vaisakhi – Sikh festival, symbolizing the foundation of the Order of Hals in Anandpur Sahib in 1699, the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. Dropping mid-April the Gregorian calendar, Vaisakhi marks the beginning of the harvest season. In the photo: one of the many moving platforms at the parade in honor of Vaisakhi 14 April 2007

Religious Holidays4 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

4. Festival of Kumbh Mela – held every three years in four different cities of India (thus, in each city once every 12 years). Festival lasts 42 days and attracts millions of people. People believe that a dip in the sacred waters of the Ganges River, they washed away their sins. Photo: Indian believers bathe in the river Ganges at the festival Kumbh Mela in Haridwar April 14, 2010.

Religious Holidays5 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

5. Every Muslim (if he is physically able to do it) must make in their lives Haj pilgrimage at least once. The annual Haj pilgrimage is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world – it includes up to two million Muslims. Photo: Saudi Ghassan officer looks on Muslims who worship at the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed in the Great Mosque in Mecca on Dec. 4, 2008.Religious Holidays6 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays 6. Purim – a holiday in honor of the liberation of the Jewish people from the oppression of the Persian Empire. On Purim made publicly read the book of Esther, donate food and drinks and give alms to the poor. Photo: ultra in costumes and with cigarettes celebrate Purim in Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, March 5, 2007

Religious Holidays7 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

7. Holi – the spring festival of the Hindus and Sikhs, which is celebrated in countries such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Indians thrown into each other with colored powders Bank Bihari temple in Mathura, March 10, 2009

Religious Holidays8 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

8. Indian boy in the paint after celebrating the festival of color in New Delhi on March 11, 2009.

Religious Holidays9 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

9. Epiphany – Christian feast marking the transition of the Lord in human form in the body of Jesus Christ. Photo: Orthodox Christians immersed in water from the Jordan River January 18, 2010. Hundreds of Orthodox Christians gathered for a religious festival near the town of Jericho, where according to legend, St John baptized Jesus Christ

Religious Holidays10 Top 10 Craziest Religious Holidays

10. The ancient ritual kapparot always performed before the Jewish Day of Atonement grehof Yom Kippur. Photo: ultra-orthodox Jew carries the chicken over the head of the child with prayers in Jerusalem on Oct. 7, 2008.


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