Top 5 longest railway tunnel

Tunnels in humans cause different reactions. Some people really fascinated tunnels while some people actually leave a fiery impression. Here is a list of 5 longest railway tunnel in the world, and if they are afraid of live, pictures can watch free :-)

1.The Seikan

Seikan Tunnel Top 5 longest railway tunnel

The Seikan Tunnel is a 53.85 km railway tunnel in Japan, with a 23.3-kilometre long portion under the seabed. Track level is about 140-metre below seabed and 240-metre (790 ft) below sea level. It is the longest undersea tunnel in the world, although the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France has a longer under-sea portion. It travels beneath the Tsugaru Strait—connecting Aomori Prefecture on the Japanese island of Honsh? and the island of Hokkaid?—as part of the Kaikyo Line of Hokkaido Railway Company. Although it is the longest traffic tunnel in the world, faster and cheaper air travel has left the Seikan Tunnel comparatively underused. Its claim to the record for the longest tunnel will be taken when the Gotthard Base Tunnel, a European railway tunnel, is completed in around 2018. It is also the deepest rail tunnel in the world.

2.Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel Top 5 longest railway tunnel

The Channel Tunnel is a 50.5-kilometre or 31.4 mi undersea rail tunnel linking Folkestone, Kent near Dover in the United Kingdom with Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais near Calais in northern France beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover. At its lowest point it is 75 metres deep. At 37.9 kilometres, the Channel Tunnel has the longest undersea portion of any tunnel in the world although the Seikan Tunnel in Japan is both longer overall, at 53.85 kilometres and deeper, at 240 metres below sea level.

3.Lötschberg Base Tunnel

Lötschberg Base Tunnel Top 5 longest railway tunnel

The Lötschberg Base Tunnel is a 34.577 km long new railway tunnel on the BLS Lötschbergbahn’s Lötschberg Line cutting through the Alps of Switzerland some 400 m below the existing Lötschberg Tunnel. It is the longest land tunnel in the world, accommodating both passenger and freight trains, and running between Frutigen, Berne and Raron, Valais. Breakthrough was made in April 2005, and construction ended in 2006. The opening ceremony of the tunnel took place on Friday 15 June 2007. Full scale operation began on 9 December 2007.

4.Guadarrama Tunnel

Guadarrama Tunnel Top 5 longest railway tunnel

The Guadarrama Tunnel is a railway tunnel along the high speed route Madrid–Valladolid in Spain.
The tunnel has two tubes. The western tube is 28,407 m long and the eastern tube 28,418 m long, and it is the longest tunnel in Spain. The tunnel was opened for traffic in December 2007. The tunnel is used by the high speed trains.

5.Iwate-Ichinohe Tunnel

Iwate Ichinohe Tunnel Top 5 longest railway tunnel

The Iwate-Ichinohe Tunnel is a 25.810 km terrestrial railway tunnel in Japan — part of the T?hoku Shinkansen, linking Tokyo with Aomori. When opened in 2002 it was the longest in-use terrestrial tunnel in world, but the title was overtaken by the Lötschberg Base Tunnel in June 2007.he tunnel is located 545 km away from Tokyo Station on the T?hoku Shinkansen line, midway between Morioka and Hachinohe. Surveying commenced in 1988. In 1991 construction began, and the tunnel holed through in 2000. The tunnel became operational when the railway line opened in 2002. Maximum depth is about 200 m.

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