Top 5 Weirdest Flavoured Beers

These days, there is a trend towards making alcohol-related products taste like something else – hence the rise of alcopops and various other beverages that are commonly ordered by girl drink drunks. Beer manufacturers are adding ingredients to their brews to excite the Budweiser-deadened taste buds of your average guzzler, and, in some cases, to test their gag reflexes as well. Here then, is a run-down of the Top 5 Weirdest Beers we can find.

1. Pizza-flavored beer

Pizza Flavored Beer2 Top 5 Weirdest Flavoured Beers

Pizza-flavored beer seems like the type of unorthodox brew that would do the latter, as, up until this point, the only pizza-flavored beer familiar to the recreational boozer has been the end of the night palette clearing, known in some circles as “bending and sending”.

2. Steak-flavored beer for dogs

Steak Flavored Beer For Dogs Top 5 Weirdest Flavoured Beers

Steak-flavored beer for dogs: Who among us hasn’t emptied out the odd pint into Rover’s bowl just to see what would happen when he got a little tipsy? One of our favorite tales in the animals section of our book, The Man Who Scared a Shark to Death and other True Tales of Drunken Debauchery, concerned a footman to the Queen of England who was fired for putting whiskey in the water bowls of the royal corgis.

3. Banana Beer

Banana Beer Top 5 Weirdest Flavoured Beers

Banana Beer. A garden hose and a g-string away from being a Budweiser marketing executive’s wet dream, unfortunately this brew is going to have to stay in the realm of the subconscious for now as these suds are predominantly brewed in Kenya.

4. Tomato Beer

Tomato Beer Top 5 Weirdest Flavoured Beers

Tomato Beer. First, this perennial, grown in your front and backyard if you’re Italian would make a great addition to those, You Know You’re Italian If lists, right alongside your nono’s fig tree.

5. Champagne Beer

Champagne Beer Top 5 Weirdest Flavoured Beers

Champagne tastes? Beer budget? Willing to drink anything we suggest? Well boy do we have the beer for you. The Krait Prestige Champagne Lager, the US name for the UK Cobra Beer, claims to be the world’s first champagne lager and the only lager to be re-fermented in the bottle, a process usually reserved for Trappist ales.

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