Toy Panda Adventure

Harrowing scene. Children’s toys thrown out of someone’s life this way, the trash does not cause adequate behavior not only among children and women, but also in adult men. Panda was no talk and surrender to the dry cleaners. Yesterday she was washed in the integrity and safety. There was only her eyes. His eyes had to put on.

History Of APanda1 Toy Panda Adventure

Well when the wife works in the intensive care unit. Well, that Most medicines and instruments has a shelf life. Transplantation was combined with disposal. Preparatory work. Warming lamps, vestments staff. The patient had fallen asleep.

History Of APanda2 Toy Panda Adventure

Team of Anesthesiologists monitors the patient before transplantation.

History Of APanda3 Toy Panda Adventure

Not everything went smoothly. Because doctors had nervous. But the staff coped with the problem.

History Of APanda4 Toy Panda Adventure

Transplantation has begun!

History Of APanda5 Toy Panda Adventure

In the team all under control!

History Of APanda6 Toy Panda Adventure

All over. Loading suturing. The patient is stable, the staff happy.

History Of APanda7 Toy Panda Adventure

Postoperative rehabilitation

History Of APanda18 Toy Panda Adventure

Bear returned to normal life and took up his duties – to please the children.

History Of APanda9 Toy Panda Adventure

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