Unusual USB Memory

Miracle of technology! Thing so small and so powerful. By almost unthinkable in those sizes, and in particular forms. Until ten years ago only a dream and science fiction. Millions and billions of data, images, songs, movies in such a small device. Present is completely different, all they have, all available, cheap, but mostly the same shape and color. To break the monotony here’s a little USB in different colors and unusual shapes .

From the shapes and colors can be seen almost all of the pets, over the food until the unique carved USB. Depending on the production cost may be a few dollars up to a few hundred or even thousands of dollars for a USB covered with gold and other rare and expensive materials, even in combination with precious stones and even diamonds …

In these pictures, and even can see the famous dishes. The development of USB manufacturers do not limit the choice of shapes and colors. It can be said to have left to imagination will.

Yummie, sushi, so delicious! Don’t let these snacks fool you… you better not take a bite from these little dishes. Why? Simply because they’re USB memory sticks. They look similar to the sushi’s from a sushi-bar. One of them, a so called shumai dish, has 128 MB of memory and costs about 50 euro’s.

Funny Usb1 Unusual USB Memory

Funny Usb2 Unusual USB Memory

Funny Usb3 Unusual USB Memory

Funny Usb4 Unusual USB Memory

Funny Usb5 Unusual USB Memory

Funny Usb6 Unusual USB Memory

Funny Usb7 Unusual USB Memory

Funny Usb8 Unusual USB Memory

Funny Usb9 Unusual USB Memory

Funny Usb10 Unusual USB Memory

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